Rob Does Keynotes!

Rob Salkowitz speaking at TEDx Fort Wayne

Rob Salkowitz is an experienced and compelling keynote speaker, headlining events, conferences, tradeshows and company meetings around the world since 2008. Some recent   speaking engagements include:

Comic-Con San Diego, July 2012: “Comic Book Enterpreneurs” and “Digital Comic – Expanding the Market”: Served as moderator on two panels at Comic-Con featuring conversations with industry leaders.

TEDx Fort Wayne, May 2012: “Transmedia in the Hour of the Nerd How have comics and comics culture taken over the world of popular entertainment and where are things headed in the future?

[See the TEDx Talk below]

BONUS Creative Week Mexico City, May 2012. “Looking South for Inspiration – How Creative Entrepreneurship is Transforming the World.” Stories and analysis of young creative businesses that are driving economic prosperity and social development in emerging economies.

GALA World Conference Monaco, March 2012. “Entrepreneurship: The New Global Language of Business.How disruptive new business models are changing demand for translation services around the world.

iNet Schools Network Abu Dhabi February 2012. “The Future of Creativity in Education” and Preparing Students for an Entrepreneurial World.”   How secondary schools can help the rising generation make an impact through creative enterprise.

CCID World Conference New Orleans February 2012. “Preparing Students for an Entrepreneurial World.” How community colleges with international connections can provide young people with the tools to succeed in a fast-changing world.

Rob’s topics include:

  • Future of Creativity and Creative Industries
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Young Innovators as Agents of Change
  • Future of Work and the Workplace
  • Generational Change and Technology

Current and previous clients include: Herman Miller, The Walt Disney Company, The Endeavor Foundation, Microsoft, The Joint US-India Commission on Technology and Innovation, The Government of King County (Washington), LOMA/ACCORD and many more.

Please inquire regarding rates and availability.

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