Future of Comics Panel at ECCC

The programming schedule for the Emerald City Comic-Con was just posted with lots of great stuff as always. I will be moderating a panel on the Future of Comics on Friday at 5:20pm in Hall C featuring an amazing lineup of industry innovators: award-winning writer Mark Waid, DC/Vertigo honcho Hank Kanalz, comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger, Monkeybrain mastermind Allison Baker, and videogame/transmedia entrepreneur and Harebrained Schemer Jordan Weisman.

We’ll be talking about the evolution of the comics medium as both an art and a business in the digital age, including:

  • The rise of digital-first comics: how are creators and publishers using this new delivery channel? What new possibilities does it open for readers and fans?
  • Comics convergence: how do comics fit in the “transmedia” spectrum of storytelling possibilities, including opportunities for blending comics  with animation, videogames, social media and other channels?
  • The future of crowdfunding: now that Kickstarter has emerged as a major platform for independent creators and publishers alike, what are the risks and opportunities that lie ahead?
  • Bits and Atoms: how are digital media blending with and complementing the traditional physical manifestations of comics and entertainment, from retail to toys and games to “multi-screen” experiences and augmented reality?
  • How far can all this stuff go and still be considered “comics”?

If you have any other thoughts or questions you’d like to hear these luminaries discuss, tweet me @robsalk.

After the panel, I’ll be signing Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture at Booth 1608, home of Seattle’s mighty Comics Dungeon. Stop by and say hi.

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