Misc Stuff of Interest

Here are a few cool things that caught my eye in the last week:

  • Interesting new digital comics project called Aces Weekly, featuring top-drawer talent like David Lloyd, Kyle Baker, Phil Hester and Mark Wheatley. I talked to Mark about this briefly at SDCC. Glad to see it is coming to fruition.
  • Stumbled on this great portal┬ácovering the comics scene in South Africa. Looks like lots of interesting work going on there.

    Beautiful work by South African artist Jesca Marisa.

  • One of my Twitter pals tipped me off to this wonderful inversion of Wally Wood’s classic “22 Panels that Always Work” – “4 Panels That Never Work” by Mark Waid and Jeremy Rock.
  • Looking forward to GeekGirl Con this weekend in Seattle. Not sure which day I’ll be there, but it should be fun.
  • The day I’m not at GGC, I’ll be at the Comics Dungeon Anniversary Sale at my favorite comics haunt in Wallingford.

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