New iPad Zine Covers Digital Comics Scene

Infinity, now available free for the iPad at the iTunes store

Panel Nine Publishing just launched Infinity, a free publication on digital comics distributed exclusively via Apple’s Newsstand for iPad. The first issue features a roundup of the last few months of notable news on the digital scene, including coverage of Madefire’s launch and Graphicly’s retreat from the digital space. There is also an interview with artist Paul J. Holden and some tasty previews of new work from David Lloyd. My personal favorite: a short sample of iEnglish’s Dapper John, a digital reissue of some of the earliest work of Eddie Campbell.

The idea of a zine covering digital comics, where news breaks just about every hour, seems counterintuitive. Lots of websites and writers, including yours truly, post news and opinions on this beat daily. But there’s something integral about the magazine format that makes it more satisfying than atomized posts on websites, and there’s something about the traditional fanzine style that adds a reassuring note of continuity amid all the change that’s going on around the comics/graphic novel space during the digital transition.

All told, a nice debut.

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