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New Global Voices: Obrigado Futebol

Note:┬áThis is the first in a series of interviews with ┬ácomic creators whose work I find interesting, unusual or exemplary of larger trends in the evolution of global graphic storytelling. Over the summer I received a mysterious note on the … Continue reading

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Digital Comics in Foreign Markets

Today iVerse Media announced an exclusive deal with Marvel Entertainment to distribute foreign-language digital comics and graphic novels. This is potentially a big deal at the corporate top-end of the industry, where Marvel’s superhero franchises command massive attention and dollars. … Continue reading

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Five Lessons Marketing Execs Can Learn from Comics: The Video

Last week I had a great conversation with Ty Pyburn at The Pulse Marketing regarding my recent FastCompany piece, “From Nerd Niche to Brand Superpower: 5 Lessons Marketing Execs can Learn from Comics.” Here’s the video:

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Can iVerse’s new Kickstarter-killer for Comics Draw a Crowd?

Following this year’s Comic-Con, I rated iVerse Media’s announcement of its Comics Accelerator crowdfunding platform the most potentially exciting digital comics move of the summer. Now according to Todd Allen’s piece at Publishers Weekly, the company is moving forward with … Continue reading

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